Updated: May 22, 2020 

I have registered and paid for the 2020 Pathway to Excellence Conference® (originally scheduled for May 2020) that was rescheduled until October. What happens to my registration fee? Can I attend in 2021? 
Your registration fee will remain unchanged and be credited to the 2021 co-located Pathway conference in Atlanta. Your paid registration fee will provide entry to the 2021 conference at no additional cost. (Please note, preconference events and other ticketed events are priced separately.) 

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If you are unable to attend the April 2021 conference, email pathway@mcievents.com to cancel your 2020 Pathway conference registration.    

What should I do about housing?  
When registration opens for the 2021 conference later this year, ANCC will post a listing of Atlanta-area hotels and rates. If you have any housing questions, please contact the Connections Housing team at ANCCHousing@connectionshousing.com. IMPORTANT: Connections Housing is the official housing provider for ANCC. Please do not accept hotel offers or reservations from any other source as most are scams and are not legitimate.   

What were the primary factors considered in rescheduling the conference to 2021 and creating an ANCC virtual education event in the fall? 
We asked, you answered, and we heard you! Many factors were considered in this very complex decision and three stood out: 1) Safety and security of attendees; 2) financial constraints facing attendees; and 3) feasibility of live events, including alternative venues/platforms. After weighing the data, we determined – based on current information and in service to our attendees – we would hold both an ANCC virtual education event this fall AND a combined Magnet, Pathway, and ANA Quality and Innovation (ANA-QI) Conference in 2021. The value of three conferences in one venue, the excitement of celebrating the Year of the Nurse, and the thoughtfulness of rich, CE-eligible content were also critical factors.   

When will registration open for the April 2021 conference (Magnet, Pathway, ANA-QI)? 
Registration will open near the end of 2020. If you are already registered for the Pathway 2020 Conference, please see above for details.  

Will health care organizations that received their designations in 2019 and 2020 be publicly recognized at the 2021 conference (i.e., walk the stage)? 
Yes! All organizations receiving their initial Magnet designation or redesignation between September 2019 and February 2021 will be publicly recognized at the April 2021 conference. Initial Pathway designations and redesignations between February 2019 and February 2021 will be publicly recognized at the April 2021 conference, as well. The program teams will work with your organization if you are unable to attend.   

Do you anticipate preconference events for the 2021 conference? I really enjoy these courses. 
Yes. The events you typically enjoy (e.g., workshops, seminars, review classes, program director sessions) will be scheduled as usual for 2021.  

I had an abstract selected for poster (or podium) presentation at the 2020 Pathway Conference and/or 2020 ANCC National Magnet Conference. Can I present in 2021? 
Yes! You are automatically invited to present at the 2021 conference. If you cannot attend, the nurse planners for the conference will provide further instruction.  

NOTE: There may be an opportunity to present your abstract at the fall 2020 ANCC virtual education event. More details will be provided on this option soon.  

Can we expect the same conference agenda as in past years? 
Yes, and more! This is the first time ever for three ANA/ANCC conferences in ONE location. You can expect triple the excitement and fun! Your favorite events are all on tap, including the Welcome Party, general session speakers, tons of CE options, concurrent sessions, posters, networking, exhibitors and sponsors, and a chance for relaxing, celebrating, and storytelling.   

What happens to the 2020 ANCC Pathway Award®, ANCC Magnet Prize®, Pathway Nurse of the Year™ Awards, and National Magnet Nurse of the Year® Awards? 
The 2020 ANCC Pathway Award and Pathway Nurse of the Year Award winners have already been selected and will be publicly presented at the April 2021 conference. Nominations will open this summer for the ANCC Magnet Prize and National Magnet Nurse of the Year Awards. Winners will be publicly presented at the April 2021 conference.  

We are excited about the fall 2020 ANCC virtual education event. Will we need to register? Is CE offered? 
Yes and yes. We are thrilled to present the best of ANCC programs plus other highly valued content in an interactive and engaging virtual venue. The registration site will open in July for both individuals and groups. We would like to hear your ideas for specific topics to add to the already rich content we are planning. Please send your thoughts and ideas for all ANCC programs to: Magnet@ana.org.  

What happens if large gatherings are still prohibited in April 2021? 
Based on our conference customer survey data, industry experts, and the best information we have today, we are rescheduling the conference to April 2021 anticipating a safe, secure, and exciting in-person conference. We are continuously monitoring local, state, and national conditions. Your work and safety are paramount and we will notify you if any changes occur that prohibit meeting this goal.